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Pre-Rigged Lure Packs

Black Bart Tournament Blue Marlin Rigged Pack 80-130 lb Tackle
Black Bart Tournament Blue Marlin Rigged Pack 80-130 lb Tackle
  • Manufactured by: Black Bart

Price:   $559.00

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At Black Bart they talk fishing with customers from around the world every day. What's Hot, best combinations of lures to run, lure skirt colors and best rigging methods are the most frequently asked questions they receive. With their pre-rigged lures packs they take away all the guess work. Each pack consists of Black Barts all time top producing proven winners! This quick pick shopping allows you to go straight to the front of the line, all you need do is just go fishing, knowing, and feeling comfortable with their carefully handpicked selections that are designed for you're success and extreme pleasure. Catch'em Up!

History plays a big role in the choosing of this pack. This spread would be the equivalent of a Super Bowl team full of Hall of Famers. My favorite one liner was born when reflecting over the overwhelming accolades praising these Hall of Fame lures, they are simply put, Dangerously Perfect!

  • Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag
  • Bart Custom Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets
  • 520 lb Leader 10 ft
  • Brazilliano
  • Super Plunger
  • 1656 Angle
  • Hawaiian Breakfast
  • Kona Pro Jet
  • Marlin Candy