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Black Hole USA

Black Hole Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods
Black Hole Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods
  • Manufactured by: Black Hole USA

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  • * FUJI SIC MNSG Guides
  • * FUJI TCS & DPS Graphite Reel Seat (No Trigger)
  • * Latest Nano Carbon Technology (WXW Wide X-Wrapping)
  • * EVA Grip
  • * Aluminum Gimbal with Rubber Butt Cap


The Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods are composed of High End Nano Carbon (WXW Wide X-Wrapping) for its light weight and enormous lifting power. We landed 1,000lb Bluefin Tuna in 1 hour with 450g Rod on stand up (Up to 60lb Drag). The rod is Parabolic that it gives less burden on your back while fighting. Proven Rods by Fishermen!

We now have 80g and 150g rods in Cape Cod Special Jigging series. They are moderate fast action.
We landed big Shark, Halibut (up to 50lb), Grouper, and small Tuna on 80g rod, and Kil Song landed 275lb Halibut (Alaska) and 160lb Yellowfin Tuna (Mexico) on 150g rod. We highly recommend them if you like light tackle for big fish.

Targets: Any fish under 50lb

Targets: Any fish under 100lb

Targets: Fish from 50~100lb

Targets: Fish from 50~200lb

Targets: Fish from 150~300lb (But we landed up to 1,000lb Bluefin Tuna)

Model Length Lure Weight Line Rating Max Drag Blank Weight Tip/Butt Diameter (Blank) Foregrip/Rear Grip Length Action
80g Rod: 5'10"
Blank: 6'
80g (2.8oz) 20~30lb 20lb 4.3oz 2.90/13.16mm 7" / 16" Moderate Fast Action
150g Rod: 5'10"
Blank: 6'
150g (5.3oz) 20~50lb 25lb 5.3oz 3.20/14.29mm 7" / 16" Moderate Fast Action
250g Rod: 5'4"
Blank: 5'8"
250g (8.8oz) 30~60lb 28lb 5oz 3.95/13.88mm 7" / 15.5" Parabolic Action
350g Rod: 5'2"
Blank: 5'8"
350g (12.3oz) 40~80lb 30lb 5.5oz 4.26/14.14mm 7" / 15.5" Parabolic Action
450g Rod: 5'2"
Blank: 5'8"
450g (16.9oz) 50~100lb 35lb 6oz 4.71/15.02mm 7" / 15.5" Parabolic Action